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Arborstead foundersHey there! We're Tim and Laura, the creators behind Arborstead natural products.

Over the past five years, we have slowly "naturalized" our life. Starting from cooking meals at home instead of going out, to becoming more conscious about where our food comes from and what we use on our skin.

Our biggest concern was the aluminum and parabens available in commercial deodorants. Although we tried almost every single natural deodorant and DIY recipe out there, we found that none of them worked well enough.

Our dream was to be able to use a natural deodorant that would not poison our bodies without losing efficacy or the simplicity of using a conventional stick deodorant. More than that, we needed a deodorant that would not only work well, but be able to handle Tim’s busy days teaching ballroom dancing.

Since there was nothing out there that could meet our demands, we set out to make it ourselves. After a lot of experiments came a natural deodorant that did just what we wanted it to: effectively prevented smell (didn't just cover it up) and felt and acted like any commercial stick deodorant.

Over time, we have added other natural home and body care products to our line, and have apply the same commitment to excellence to every single product we create. We don't miss our old deodorants one bit - and we're sure you won't turn back once you try Arborstead. Because what's better than a natural deodorant that actually works?